The difference between our Cigar roller Lupe and other rollers is:
1. Lupe looks the part. she's what most cigar smokers imagine a cigar roller from a factory to look like which makes the demonstration feel more authentic.
2. Lupe talks the talk. Unlike other rollers who don't speak much English or don't know exactly what they are doing , Cigar roller Lupe can explain the process to your guests and can interact with them.
  3. Lupe can cut and light the cigars for your guests as well.
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09/18/2016 1:27am

If someone is expert to roll the cigar then it would be only you because you are pretty good at rolling them. There are only few that are able to roll the cigar in the traditional way that has been from start.

03/27/2017 1:41am

It is discussed here that there is a difference between our Cigar roller Lupe and other rollers. There are three choices that we may read and it will help us see the difference between the two. They may be confusing but we will not be mistaken if we have the sufficient amount of knowledge about this thing. Rollers are used by women and they are also valuable.

01/18/2017 9:59am

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